If you’ve been following my blog you might remember an earlier entry where I talked about getting into learning the human form. If you didn’t catch it here is the first blog entry: Where am I going with this? and part 2: Tidbits. Below is the accumulation and result of those earlier entries.

To Softly it FallsAcrylic canvas painting on linen, 16″ x 20″

full title:

Too softly it falls

Too gently it will depart,

Our time like a bird.

My Inspiration:

I wanted to evoke a sense of youth, tenderness and impermanence. I used a formal side portrait thinking back on artists of the renaissance era. I used bright joyful colors for the birds to represent the joys in our life and how we should hold them gently. I wanted a rich tone for the flowers to evoke a sense of warmth and Summer. Finally, I exposed x-ray like her inner structure a reminder we are alive and someday we will not be. Not to be macabre, I wanted to express my own desire to enjoy my time and live in the now.

My process:

I wanted to make sure I shared how I have been progressing. Practicing with the human form and portraits has gone very well. I feel like I have learned a lot and that I have more to learn. Such is the way with creative endeavors. In my painting, “Too Softly it Falls” I have combined elements of portraits, anatomy, birds, skeletal structure and Calendula flowers. This painting is the first canvas art I’ve done
for my new series: Picked to the Bone.

Additionally, I’ve discovered clear gesso! I’m really excited about this media. It has allowed me to use the raw looking linen in a whole new way, as an element in the painting. I almost always paint on linen, preferring the slubs and textures that only linen will provide. It is even better to be able to allow the full richness of this material into my art. I suspect I will be experimenting more with the clear gesso soon.

Interested in this painting or a print? It’s here, only in my shop: Too Softly It Falls

Thank you so much for those who have followed along on my artistic journey. The road is still long and I plan to share more soon. Your comments are always appreciated. If you haven’t already I recommend joining my newsletter. I will send you updates straight to your email and I will absolutely never send you spam.

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