Alright, so I’ve really been all over the place with creating art lately (meaning the last 6 months). The good news is I feel like I am actually going somewhere with this. But where? What do octopuses, lady profiles, poppies, bones and birds have in common!? The vision in my mind is still blurry but it’s coming into focus. With every small oil and watercolor I do I can see the image sharpening a little bit more.  It’s going to be big, oil paint and narrative (it’s gonna tell a story!).  I’ll be posting as I go!

Here are some of examples for you to enjoy:


Pink Coral Poppy Flowers Watercolor PaintingPersephone Wearing Poppy Flowers Watercolor Painting

Coral Poppy FlowerYellow Weaver Bird Watercolor Painting

Back WingingOregon Junco

Octopus Watercolor Painting 3Octopus Watercolor PaintingOctopus Watercolor Painting 2