The progress on this painting is moving along better then I hoped. Aside from some wall murals, this is the first time I have painted this large. I have to say I am liking it a lot. I feel like I have the space I want to paint freely without being limited by a small canvas.

Here are some progress images and a couple close ups of the rope and the wine glass. You can see where the texture is starting to be built up around the wine glass. I am going to pull that down and into the blue area and only a li

ttle up into the red space. Mostly, I am going to leave the red space as it is as a sort of rest space for the eyes. The yellow area will be built up with dark and then light again and more drips added over top of it all.

By the way, if you haven’t checked it out yet take a look at my Paintings page. I have added more paintings to it and will continue to add paintings as I finish them.