Portraits and the human figure have always been a challenge for me. They are two subjects I’ve always been tantalized by and ultimately they’ve been the most difficult to master. If you read my earlier post here you’ll know I’ve been working towards a goal: a series of portrait surrealist paintings incorporating gobs of ideas. I wish I could say I’ve had an amazing breakthrough on my portraits but the truth is that kind of thing is usually a myth. Instead I can say with confidence I’ve been gradually, painfully and excruciatingly edging closer to my goal. I don’t mind because the only thing that is important is I AM making progress.

I started with light sketches of the whole female form:

Then I started drawing portraits. The first one is me. I only use ink pen to draw and never erase:

Next up was small oil paintings on board. These are 12″ x 12″ and I still have one more unfinished on the easel:

Finally, a pen drawing I felt good enough about to make into a finished composition. I drew it, scanned it and finished it up in Adobe Illustrator:

I’m feeling good and confident about the direction this sojourn has taken. Soon I’ll be moving onto canvas. You can be sure I’ll be sharing the process revealing tantalizing tidbits along the way.