I like to think of my life in ages. No, not my age but Ages like Ice Age or Neolithic Age. I have my Child Age… which wasn’t as long nor as short as one would think. Then I have Age 19. A lot happened in that year. After that is the Lost Age when I lived in Los Angeles. I’ve got my Building Age when I bought my house and car blah blah. Now I’m in a new age but I won’t name it until it is done…if its ever done.

Every Age is marked by certain changes in my life. Often times external changes happen which cause an internal shift of priorities. I know I’ve entered a new Age in my life because many of my priorities have changed. This is important to this blog and to you dear reader only as someone who is interested in my art. It’s inevitable that my art will and has changed. I like to think its getting deeper, more skillful and less serious, more personal. I like to think it but I don’t know it’s true.

In addition to announcing a shift in my art making I want to announce a change in how I will share my art. My Etsy shop will soon be no more. What a pain in the ass that was. I had to charge much higher prices then I wanted just to make up for all the labor that went into it. This completely conflicts with my personality. The neat thing is there are some limited addition signed prints in the world that will not be reproduced. Whatever.

Instead, I will be uploading images to various print on demand sites like Redbubble and Society6. This process will be a slow evolution starting with Redbubble. I’ve already uploaded some images to the site. The site offers a variety of objects they offer the artwork on and prints are among them. The great news is they are quality giclee art prints and much cheaper then I could afford to sell them for. Yay bulk!

I’m also going to be utilizing art fairs. I’m currently creating stock and building up the supplies I’ll need.

Another way I will share my art is with individuals. One of the many things I’ve recently accepted about myself is how much I dislike crowds. However, I like one on one encounters. I’ll be inviting individuals to my studio on a one on one or one on two basis.

The best way to keep up with my art and see what I’m doing in the studio as its happening is Instagram. I’ll still update this blog and send out the occasional newsletter with important changes and dates. However, the only way I will update any other social media site will be through Instagram. Why? Because I a little Instagram is fun but a lotta Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and whatever else is a serious drag and time waste. Frankly, I’d rather be painting.

This website will be getting slowly overhauled too. Come back often if you want to see what I’m doing.

That’s it for now. Oh, well I guess I can leave a little art right here for you to enjoy too.

Cuddly Luna. Oil on panel