I know there is a misconception that making art is fun, easy or a hobby. I suppose that could be so for some people, but not for this girl. Earlier I wrote a post on research and another on exploring inspiration. Those are just two steps out of many I personally go through in my process. It takes ideas, research, inspiration, technique, dedication, time .. .okay the list goes on for a while. Still that being said it isn’t usually THIS hard.

This latest painting, shown to the right “in progress” is the first in a series I want to do on field burning. The sketch came out great, but once translated to paint is proving slow to metamorphosis into anything worthy of calling art. However, yesterday I might have had a break through. I decided the trees were way to clunky across the horizon and the layout too horizontal to really explore the interesting smoke cloud shapes. I spent all day working on the smoke, bringing it forward over the tree line and reducing the trees to more shadowy shapes.

Stay tuned for the next update and hopeful conclusion of this particular painting. I wonder if I am going to do a whole series after all.