I mentioned in a previous post my current project Over flow I have made at least five different sketches for this painting, each one evolving the concept further. I am glad to finally get started on the final version. It is being painted on a 2′ x 4′ canvas. I prefer to paint on linen when I can which is what I made this canvas with. So far its going pretty well. It’s hard to share the beginnings of a painting because there isn’t much to see yet and I know its going to completely change as the painting progresses. Yet, a good friend of my suggested that I do just that. So here it is along with some of the sketches.

I am pretty happy with the vertical layout and the preliminary color blocking. Of course, that’s about all that is there right now. Once I moved to the larger scale I decided to reduce the size of the still life items making them less central to the overall image. I expanded the spilling tea on the foreground and incorporated more of the abstract falling water like shapes more into the overall image. My plan is to do more color experimenting on this painting so I am trying to give myself lots of opportunity for that.

Hopefully I will get another painting session in before the 19th when I will be leaving the country for 9 days. Also, I am starting sketches on a painting I will be working on simultaneously with this one called Oil spill. More to come on that painting soon.