You might have guessed… I like octopuses. Actually, I really like them. They are amazing creatures full of strength, flexibility and adaptability. And they are soft and fragile too. So many metaphors! Not only that they are just plain fun to paint. I had fun a while back painting these guys using watercolor. However, I’ve been getting the oil painting bug and I thought to myself, why not see what happens when I try to convert my watercolor octopus into an oil painting. What happened? Eight limbs of action packed painting fun is what happened!

Here he is sporting a poppy flower no less! He’s an oil on linen 24″ x 36″ painting ready to be hung and enjoyed for years to come. Click on the photo to see him in my shop!

Oil Painting on Linen Octopus with Poppy FlowerCheck back soon because I have seven more of these guys coming, each with sporting their own flower. Number two is already on the easel! Here is a hint: daisy!