I’ve been wandering around my new house trying to get things the way I like them so I can concentrate on my projects. As I do, sometimes I will see something that reminds me how quickly my life has changed course recently. Just 6 short months ago my husband changed jobs and we moved 400 miles south to a remote coastal town in Southern Oregon.

Aside from various non-art related projects, I’m trying to set up my new studio. I’m so excited that it is three times larger than my old studio. What I am not excited about is it’s only half finished and the floor is concrete. I checked all my bank accounts but the thousands of dollars I needed to do what I wanted with professional contractors just wasn’t there (what!?). And as I laboriously rolled the joint… compound (hey? what did you think I was going to say?) onto the wall a couple days ago the ache in my arms told me this was going to take longer then I expected. So, this painting which is half finished is going to have to stay that way a while longer.

Oddly enough I decided now as I am still getting my painting studio together was a good time to start a very big project that has been on the back burner for some years now. My husband wrote a kid’s story and has been asking me to illustrate it for him for so long I can’t remember when it wasn’t in the back of my mind. First I started with little sketches of one of the characters, a little forest elf, on random bits of paper. I was going to show them to you but in typical no planning fashion, I have tossed them. Moving on.

I reread the story and it didn’t take long before I was starting to see illustrations in my mind’s eye. If it’s that vivid in my head it’s not long before I’ll put it to paper. I pulled out my pencil box and started illustrating. This time I do have samples for you. These are the raw pencil drawings and will look a little or a lot different from the finished images.


And then it happened this week! My very first completely finished illustrated image. It was worth the torture of setting up my computer in FOUR different locations and ordering two different pen tablets (I ended up with the Wacom Intuos pro). I shared it immediately on social media and was very happy with the support I received.

I am super excited about this project and collaborating with my husband in general and will try my very best to update this blog on my progress. Of course, Instagram is always the best place to see what I am currently working on so find me there. @Krislyndillard.